Cadet Earns Earhart Award

On August 30, 2018, Cadet Jacob Kottraba was awarded the Civil Air Patrol Amelia Earhart Award.

The Amelia Earhart Award is presented on behalf of CAP National Headquarters to denote the successful completion of Phase III (Command Phase) of the CAP Cadet Program.

Cadets having earned the Earhart Award have previously earned both the Wright Brothers Award and the Billy Mitchell Award, and have also earned the first 11 of 16 Achievements in the CAP Cadet Program.

The requirements for the Earhart award include:

  • Passing a comprehensive exam on Learn To Lead, Volumes 1-3
  • Passing a comprehensive exam on Aerospace Dimensions, Modules 1-6
  • Pass the PT requirements for their age
  • Complete a SDA Staff Service

By earning this award cadets are promoted to the rank of Cadet Captain and begin the Executive Phase of the program, working towards a promotion to C/Major. Nationally, fewer than 3% of cadets ever earn the Earhart Award.

Cadets earning this award are now eligible to participate in:

Cadets who have earned an Earhart Award and choose to enlist in the Air Force enter at the grade of E-3. Additionally, this award is looked upon favorably by the admissions staff at AFROTC and the US Air Force Academy.

Cadet Kottraba has previously participated in:

Cadet Kottraba, who is a sophomore at Arizona College Preparatory in Chandler and is a member of the schools Cross Country and Track & Field teams, currently serves as Cadet Deputy Commander of Squadron 304 and as an HRD Canine Backer on the Arizona Wing Search and Rescue Team. In October he will begin Private Pilot Ground School, working towards the written part of his private pilots license. Upon successful completion he will begin flight lessons when he turns 16-years-old. He also plans on attending these courses while in high school:

  • Air Force Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training
  • Air Force Cadet Officer School
  • Air Force Pararescue & Survival Orientation

Cadet Kottraba is working towards an appointment to the US Air Force Academy where he looks forward to jumping out of a perfectly good airplane with the Wings of Blue.

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